WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES LLC can help you live where you want safely and comfortably.

Ninety percent of clients prefer to live in their own homes. We are here to help you with daily activities, enabling you to remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings.

Select Your Caregiver

Choices are essential when deciding which caregiver is right for you and your family. We pride ourselves on matching the needs of your loved one with our caring and compassionate caregivers.

We provide quality companionship in Southern California.

We only hire companions with a minimum of two years of experience, clean background checks, and clean driving records. We also provide initial training and continuous education.

WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES LLC improves the quality of life.

By helping with daily activities, our companions enable seniors to maintain the lifestyle they are accustomed to living, surrounded by their own homes, neighborhood, friends, and pets. They can safely enjoy the same activities and live as they always have in the comfort of their own homes.

WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES LLC is the safest solution.

By delivering care from a consistent caregiver in your home, we greatly reduce the risk that could otherwise lead to acute illnesses. Our companions devote time to prevent falls, wandering, bed sores, and other injuries.

WE CARE HEALTH SERVICES LLC reduces stress and depression for families and clients.

We relieve families from the stress associated with the caregiving role. The “Role Reversal” of caring for parents can be stressful not only for the family but also for the client, especially with personal issues like toileting.